My June 2024 Media Diet

This past month I’ve spent a bit of time getting to know my new camera, the Fujifilm X100VI. It’s been a bit overwhelming but I’m trying to take it slow and not make a job out of it like I do the rest of my hobbies.

We spent a weekend in Montreal with some friends and I took an incredible amount of photos with better results than I expected! I’ve got a long way to go and there’s an infinite amount to learn, so wish me luck!

Without further ado, this is what I was up to last month:

🍿 Civil War. This was more affecting and grounded than I expected. The last 45 minutes had me at the edge of my seat. I’m not sure I can watch this again anytime soon.

🍿 Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire. Awful movie. If you’re thinking about watching this, don’t. Watch Godzilla Minus One instead.

🍿 Hit Man. I went into this with very low expectations but was pleasantly surprised. I’m not sure the third act quite delivers as well as I wanted it to but it was fun regardless.

📖 Tress of the Emerald Sea by Brandon Sanderson. This book took me quite a while to read but I enjoyed every bit of it. My year of reading Brandon Sanderson books marches on. (👍)

📺 The Jinx. We started watching Season 2 and quickly realized we were actually watching Season 1. We ended up watching both S1 and S2 back to back and I’m glad we did. The second season doesn’t hit as hard as the first but it’s worth watching to get a bit of a resolution on the insane story.

📺 Dark Matter. Really enjoyed this show. I read the book a long while back and unfortunately (fortunately?) didn’t remember much. It seems like they have made some significant changes to the perspectives the show follows and they’re for the better. (👍)

🍿 The Beekeeper. Stupid John Wick style fun. They lifted so much from John Wick it’s criminal.

🕹️ Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II. One of the most cinematic video game experiences I’ve ever had. The combat sequences were brutal and visceral in a way that I have not experienced before. The graphics are also amazing. Highly recommended. (👍)

📺 My Adventures With Superman: Season 2. Fun and light. DC’s animation studios are typically great. Will the live action stuff ever get better?

📺 Game Changer. Dropout TV is doing something special with their recurring ensemble cast of characters and this show is the star of it all. Highly recommend. (👍)

🕹️ Gris. Beautiful short game. Looking forward to the next game from these developers.

🕹️ Planet of Lana. Another short puzzle game with a sweet, engaging story. The controls were a bit lacking but still worth playing.

🕹️ Persona 5 Royal. Just recently purchased this game but I’m looking forward to it quite a bit. I’m a bit disappointed in the fidelity of the graphics on the Switch but the portability was my main draw for such a long game.

📖 Some Desperate Glory by Emily Tesh. Read this as it’s been nominated for best novel in the Hugo Awards. I ended up really enjoying it. The character development was great and was written from a perspective I haven’t seen much of in the past. (👍)

Tim Bueno @timbueno